A Three-component dynamometer is generally used for measuring the three orthogonal components of a force. Mini-Dyn dynamometer can be used for measuring extremely small forces, especially in the ultra-precision machining process.


Models :
(i) Multicomponent Dynamometer (KISTLER – 9257B)
Range (Fx, Fy, Fz): -5 – 5 kN
Sensitivity (Fx, Fy) : ~ -7.5
Sensitivity (Fz): ~ -3.7

(ii) MiniDynMulticomponent Dynamometer
Measuring range (Fx, Fy, Fz): -250 – 250 N,
Measuring range (Mx, Mz):-11 – 11 Nm
Sensitivity (Fx, Fz): ~ -26 pC/N;
Sensitivity (Fy): ~ -13 pC/N

Acoustic emission sensor

Kistler AE sensors feature a very high sensitivity for surface and longitudinal waves over a broad frequency range and are designed to withstand high energy waves.


Model 8152C0150000
Frequancy range ±10 dB : 50 … 400 kHz
Sensitivity 57 dBref 1V/ (m/s)
Over load shock (0.5 ms pulse) : 2,000 gpk
Operating temperature range –55-165 °C

Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) 


ModelMiQueL BASE
Tank capacity 1lt – 3lt 
Maximum number of modules
Air inlet pressure 4bar to 7bar
Maximum air consumption at the outlet ~ 50Nl/min (per module) 
Air inlet pipe Ø10mm 
Air outlet pipe Ø6mm 
Oil outlet pipe Ø3mm 
Oil flow rate per element 0.3-8cc/min(Oil 10cSt) 
0.1-3cc/min(Oil 32cSt) 
0-0.6cc/min(Oil 100cSt) 
Lubricating oil 10cSt to 100cSt 
Protection grade of module IP 00 
Protection grade of reservoir IP 65 
Maximum minimum level load 0.2A @ 30V 
Element solenoid valve power supply 24Vdc- 1.3 W – 0.05 A 
Operating temperature +5°C to +50°C 
Storage temperature -10°C to +80°C 
Max. relative humidity without operating condensate 90% 
Sound pressure level < 70 dB(A) 

  Triaxial Accelerometer

Triaxial accelerometer permits vibration measurements in three mutually perpendicular axes: x, y and z.


Model : 8763B100BB
Accelerationrange : ±100 g
Acceleration limit : ± 200g
Sensitivity, at 100 Hz, 10 grams : 50 mV/g
Resonant frequency, nom. : 35
Transverse sensitivity, max. 5 % : 2.5 %